We believe that people who invest in rented property in the UK should be correctly supported and encouraged to do this well with services and support that make this second nature. We also believe tenants should be treated with the same respect and support as homeowners, with a great experience of privately renting and the flexibility to enjoy home-life without the burden of home ownership.


Be the number one property management and marketing service to good landlords and tenants in the UK who are looking for a higher quality product and service. We will lead the way in marketing and the benefit, flexibility and suitability of rented property to all people; be they creators of rented property or users of rented property, treated equally and supported well.

Values & Commitments


telling the truth and being open when giving feedback


we don’t discriminate and treat every person the same be they landlord, tenant or support service


we measure our success on the outcomes we achieve for tenants and landlords


we do not work with or offer a substandard property to any tenant and will work with landlords to meet and maintain our quality standards


we will continually invest in education and impart our knowledge to others as efficiently as possible


we will always be nice and pleasant. We don’t threaten or harass. We adopt an open approach to all communication and make talking to us easy

Service first

we will always prioritise our service performance over sales performance and target our teams accordingly