A Place To Call Home

Your home is probably one of the most important things in life after your family and friends. We make sure that when you take a lease on a property, we respect this. You get 24-­‐hour support, regular safety & maintenance check-­‐ups every 3 months and preventative maintenance.

Our landlords are some of the best in the UK, ensuring homes are well maintained whilst allowing you to enjoy your living space in peace and quiet.

Safe, Secure And Maintained To The Highest Standards

We only manage property that meets our premium quality standards which must be met and maintained, ensuring you enjoy one of the best quality rental homes on the market.

Our Landlords are carefully chosen and commit to providing a high quality, well maintained home. Faults will always be corrected with priority and we combine this with preventative maintenance during our safety checks.

We are unaware of anything similar in the marketplace and enjoy trusted, long term service to our tenants.

We also arrange regular, exclusive events and benefits for our tenants to benefit from.

​​Fair Prices for the Best Tenants
Deposit/Bond : 1 month's rent
Admin Fee: £150

​Also note:
​We discount the admin fee to £75 if you move to another Light Lettings Property
​Your bond is registered and protected​
We have no additional fee if you extend the length of tenancy agreements