With interest rates at record lows and turmoil in pension and investment markets, more and more savers are looking to property to secure their investments and generate an income.

Despite recent legislative hurdles and tax changes, the private rented sector is still capable of outperforming other investments, whilst also providing the satisfaction and fun of growing a portfolio of your own. Moreover, our managed services ensure all your legal obligations are met, including under RentSmart Wales.

Light Lettings was setup by John Penquet, a respected portfolio landlord who expanded rapidly with a reputation for honesty and support of others. Initially helping tenants, John moved into the managed service for other Landlords and has helped Landlords establish and grow their portfolios.

Light Lettings is always ready to talk to and support people who want to know more about becoming a Landlord. You can call, email or visit one of our offices to find out more with no obligation or hard sell.